Luxury is in your travel experience.

At Dulaiman we like to celebrate the complete luxury of travel. This includes all the traditional elements of your experience: five-star hotels and unique places to stay, chauffeured transfers, yacht and vehicle rentals, as well as first-class seats. At every destination you can choose from a handcrafted list of excursions, tailored to just how you like it.

But the luxury of travel goes beyond the hotels and excursions. Our compressive service incorporates every aspect of your trip, so you can sit back, relax, and fully savor the experience. Plus, our unique network of destinations and excursions allows you to see and do more, as well as getting away from the typical tourist trail. You’ll find that there’s a real luxury to discovering the wonders of the world in this way.

Customize a dream package with Dulaiman’s travel experts.

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect vacation. It’s not just the destinations but also the choice of hotels and selection of activities. The dream package also pays attention to all the little details, like the quality of the chauffeur or your dinner reservations. Dulaiman’s speciality is to individualize every aspect of every trip, so you can live out your perfect vacation.

At our unique Travel Lounge you’ll meet with Saudi Arabia’s leading travel experts. They’ll give you advice and tips on where to go, before working with you to plan out the dream holiday or trip. Whatever your requirements, Dulaiman’s team of experts have the knowledge and expertize to make your trip a reality.

Travel the world, without having to go around in circles.

The greatest highlight of our planet is its diversity. From Dubai to Paris, Mauritius to Malaysia, we customize the travel package that’s best for you. With Dulaiman you get expert advice and can travel to the destinations of your choice, whether it’s a first-time trip to Europe or a family shopping holiday in the UAE.

Dulaiman takes care of all aspects of your trip. You don’t need to waste time planning or organizing. Nor will you waste time at your destinations. Every custom package is seamlessly planned, so you can maximize your time traveling the world.

Enjoy the world’s most unique experiences and excursions.

Our network of experiences and excursions ensures you make the most out of your destination. The exact excursions depend on your interests and we cover everything from personal shoppers to family adventures, cultural highlights to rare nature. Discuss your interests with Dulaiman’s travel experts and they’ll inspire you with a range of ideas.

Unless otherwise stated, most excursions are private to you and your guests. This allows them to be customized to your exacting requirements. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to let your imagination run free. By cultivating relationships with travel operators around the world we can offer you a package of excursions that makes the most of every destination.


The Integrated Group and Business Travel Service

At Dulaiman we understand that the cost of travel is far exceeded by the cost of failure. In fast-moving industries it is essential that ticketing and travel plans run smoothly.Dulaiman offers a seamless service for businesses and large groups, incorporating all aspects of ticketing, accommodation, and transport. Complex ticketing and cost-efficient planning isn’t a challenge for the experts. By delivering innovative solutions we take care of your business’s travel plans as well as the intricate day-to-day travel details. We specialize in coordinated solutions for the oil, gas and construction sectors, combining the exclusivity of a private travel agent with the extended benefits of a trusted international network.

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Travel Made Just For You

The world is full of possibility. Dulaiman Travel harnesses this possibility by creating travel experiences that are unique to you. It might be a family break, a honeymoon trip to Paris, a business trip that connects the dots in Asia, or a shopping trip to the latest fashionable destination. The choice of destinations is almost endless as Dulaiman’s travel specialists have experience in all the regions of the world. Hotels can be selected based on your wishes while local excursions are carefully picked to reflect your interests.

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